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No Maintenance!

…Just Easy Cleaning!

With a no-maintenance surface and lifetime guarantee, Kensington HPP’s easy tilt-in sash is just one more feature that makes your life easier. No need for professional window cleaners, no need for ladders or step stools. Tilt in your sashes and clean both sides of the glass safely from inside your home.

No More Painting or Staining!

…No More Painting or Staining!

Imagine sashes and frames that never need painting or staining! Our maintenance-free vinyl surface cleans easily with a solution of soap and water. The rich color goes all the way through the material so any surface marring won’t show. Kensington HPP’s vinyl surfaces are the worry-free answer to the time consuming upkeep required on other types of windows.

No More Sanding or Scraping!

…No More Sanding or Scraping!

Stop scraping that old flaky paint. Stop chipping and stripping the old varnish off your ancient windows. Stop planing the sashes to get them to work properly. Our high performance replacement windows will always perform properly through any climate, in any weather. So stop trying to repair those old windows! Replace them with new Kensington HPP vinyl replacement windows.

No More Swelling or Rotting!

…No More Swelling or Rotting!

Ever wondered why your windows stick or won’t stay open? That question will never cross your mind with new Kensington HPP vinyl replacement windows. Vinyl won’t absorb water and swell like wood. In fact, water, sun, rain, moisture, humidity, acid rain, and other rotting effects of the harshest climates don’t affect the superior aesthetics and reliable operation of our windows. Your windows are guaranteed for as long as you own your home. What more can you ask from a vinyl window?

No More Noisy Neighbors!

…No More Noisy Neighbors!

With Kensington HPP’s superior high performance glass, you can reduce noise levels inside your home. Now you can rest in comfort without all that noise from traffic, stay up late neighbors, and the barking dog next door.

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