Nexus Lock Systems From Kensington HPP

Nexus™ Lock Systems From Kensington High Performance Products

Safety & Security Meet Beauty and Functionality

Distinctive Styling to Complement Any Patio Door

Multi-Point Lock System

The Nexus Multi-Point Lock System which is offered in stainless steel as a standard, has three individually adjustable locking points with opposing upper and lower lock points to prevent the door from being lifted which further enhances its security. A greater adjustment range at the remote hooks provides the additional forgiveness needed on doors which may be out-of-square due to poor installation.

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  • Standard & Extended Reach: The Nexus Locking system has two options for the lock, standard and extended reach, which each have a horizontal adjustment feature built into them to offer additional forgiveness.

  • Industry Tested: The Nexus Lock Systems have been built to help customers meet the AAMA and CAWM forced entry requirements. The Nexus Two-Point System can exceed 2,800 lbs. of pulling force and the Multi-Point System exceeds 3,000 lbs.

  • Keepers: Truth realizes that no two door systems are exactly alike; therefore we have designed multiple keeper options to accommodate your application. In addition, a special "keeper locator" makes the installation of the keeper virtually fool proof.

  • Anti-Slam Feature: Truth's "anti-slam" feature prevents potential damage to the door or locking system hooks by not allowing the hooks to be extended unless the door is closed against the frame. This feature ensures that when the lock is operated it is close enough to properly engage the keeper avoiding a "false" sense of lock up.

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